"I recover digital evidence and present it in plain English. You decide what to do next."

Terry Lahman
Founder, Chief Digital Forensics Analyst
(425) 200-4271
9 am - 4 pm Pacific Time
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Forensics Services

   Data Recovery
   Data Preservation
   Preliminary Analysis and Planning
   Password Recovery and Defeats
   Secure Data Elimination
   Digital Forensics for Businesses
   Digital Forensics for Attorneys


   DFA Consulting for Businesses
   DFA Consulting for Attorneys
What to look for in a DFA
Employee misconduct revealed through DFA:

   Pornography downloading
   Employee harassment by email or IM
   Illegal music or video downloading
   Unauthorized Internet surfing
   Intellectual property theft
   Falsification of records
   Credit card cloning
   Computer sabotage
   Online gambling
   Software piracy
   Identity theft

Domestic misconduct revealed through DFA:

   Downloading child pornography
   Hiding or misappropriating joint funds
   Illegal gambling
I founded eForensicsPro for one simple reason: to reveal the truth hidden within digital devices to those whose lives depend upon it.
  • Do you suspect an employee of misconduct? I determine exactly what did or did not occur on their company-issued computer, laptop or smart phone. You decide whether it warrants a pink slip, a date in court, or an apology.
  • Are you pursuing a civil suit or criminal case entailing digital evidence? I raise the questions that need to be asked. I analyze the hard drives involved. I present my findings in plain English. You or the jurists decide whether you have a case.
  • Is the data you need inaccessible due to accidental deletion, password lockout, or damage to the device? If it's at all possible, I'll retrieve it.

My background.

I'm exceptionally good at examining digital information because of my business background. I've worked in the computer industry for over 30 years. In my 17-year career at Microsoft, I worked in all areas of software testing from software development to Principal Test Manager. My passion for finding anomalies in code won me their prestigious Microsoft Achievement Award. (Bio)

As a senior manager working with colleagues from around the world, I also learned to present technical information to lay persons in language they can understand. Today, I find this to be critically important in legal proceedings. Juries can only arrive at fair decisions when they understand the evidence.

Immediate next steps.

If you have a situation in mind right now, don't do anything to the digital device in question: don't turn it on or off, or try to make copies of files. This can taint whatever evidence may exist on the device or hard drive.

Instead, call me at (425) 200-4271. Tell me about your problem. I'll let you know how I can help you and exactly what to do next. I don't charge for this consultation and there's no obligation.

In the meantime, if you're unfamiliar with digital forensics analysis, look around the website. You'll learn a lot about it by reading through the services I offer.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Terry Lahman
Founder, Chief Digital Forensics Analyst

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