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Why Choose eForensicsPro

Digital forensics analysts vary widely in their training, credentials and experience. Here are eight reasons why you can choose Terry Lahman, Founder and Chief Digital Forensics Analyst of eForensicsPro, with confidence.

30+ years of high tech expertise.

Prior to founding eForensicsPro, Terry Lahman had been analyzing electronically stored information (ESI) for international high tech firms over 30 years. At Microsoft, he was Principal Test Manager, responsible for examining, testing and refining the code behind many of the company's premier software programs. Terry received the prestigious Microsoft Achievement Award in his first seven years of employment there and became widely known for his uncanny ability to spot anomalies in code.

PI licensure.

Terry Lahman is one of the few DFAs in the area licensed as a Private Investigator in the state of Washington. (Note: states vary in their requirements. Some prohibit the collection of digital evidence by anyone who is not a licensed PI.)


Not all DFAs do, but Terry owns the mobile hardware and software required to conduct digital forensics analyses in the field. If the computer, laptop or other digital device in question has been seized by the FBI or police, he can conduct his examination on their premises. In sensitive business situations, he can also conduct his analyses within work sites, including after hours, if necessary.

Money Saving Triage.

Some DFAs limit their services to complete digital forensic analyses only. If you suspect but are not sure that a digital device contains evidence of wrongdoing, Terry may be able to save you money by conducting a "triage" examination first at your location. It's a far less costly preliminary analysis that helps determine whether any evidence exists to warrant a full digital forensic examination.

Investigative Skills.

Terry Lahman is renowned for his thoroughness, tenacity and attention to minute detail in examining electronic data. He has an uncanny ability to analyze data and identify anomalies in software and engineering processes.

Communication Skills.

Terry Lahman excels at presenting highly technical information to men and women from a wide variety of ethnic, educational and professional backgrounds. Today, his communication skills are particularly helpful in court, where juries must understand digital evidence to arrive at fair decisions.

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