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What to Look for in a DFA

The field of digital forensics analysis is relatively new and rapidly growing. It is also, as yet, unregulated. Here's what to look for in a DFA before you make a choice and entrust your sensitive information.

PI Licensure

If you're a business owner or attorney seeking digital evidence for a civil suit or criminal trial, look for a DFA who is also licensed as a private investigator. States vary in their requirements. Some prohibit the collection of digital evidence by anyone who is not a licensed PI.
    Terry Lahman is licensed as a Private Investigator in the state of Washington.
Professional Experience

Digital forensics analysts today are generally either young people entering the field as a first career or more experienced professionals transferring skills from prior employment. While an individual from either group may be well trained in DFA, the more seasoned professional may bring additional, valuable experience to the job.
    Prior to forming eForensicsPro, Terry Lahman was Principal Software Development Engineer/Test for Microsoft, responsible for examining, testing and refining many of the company's premier software programs. Over his 17 years there, he earned a reputation for routinely spotting anomalies in code missed by numerous other senior engineers. He received the prestigious Microsoft Achievement Award in his first seven years of employment.

Look for a DFA who is able to conduct digital forensics analyses onsite. If the computer, laptop or other digital device in question is seized by the FBI or police, the forensic examination will need to be done on their premises. There may be sensitive instances, as well, when the examination of a hard drive must be conducted within a business environment after hours.
    Terry Lahman owns and is highly skilled at operating mobile digital forensics analysis hardware and software.
Preliminary Analyses or Triage
If you suspect but are not sure that a computer or other digital device contains evidence of wrongdoing, ask if the DFA offers "triage" service. Some will conduct this preliminary analysis of a hard drive to determine, at far less cost, whether a full digital forensic examination is warranted.
    Terry Lahman recommends and performs preliminary forensic analyses whenever it may be advantageous to the client. He is also able to conduct this exam on site, using special mobile equipment, whenever necessary.
Investigative Skills
Exceptionally good DFAs are almost obsessive in their drive to find anomalies, oddities and missing information on hard drives. Ask any candidates you may be interviewing to describe instances in which they were able to find particularly elusive data.
    Terry Lahman is known for his thoroughness and tenacity in examining electronic data. By spotting irregularities in Microsoft's Intune cloud service, for example, he was able to increase first build pass rates from 50% to 95% in a single month.
Communication Skills
Electronically stored information (ESI) is complex by nature. Look for a DFA who is skillful at explaining the information embedded in code in language, slides and charts that lay persons can understand.
    As a senior manager at Microsoft, Terry Lahman routinely presented highly technical information to men and women of all ages and from a wide variety of ethnic and educational backgrounds. His communication skills are particularly helpful in court and other legal proceedings where juries must understand digital evidence to arrive at fair decisions.

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