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Terry Lahman
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DFA Consulting for Businesses

Employee misconduct occurs far more frequently than you may realize and these days, the evidence is most likely to be found on company-issued computers, laptops, smart phones and other digital devices.

To help you protect your business and your assets, I'll come to your offices and give you a solid introduction to digital forensics analysis.

Specifically, I'll help you understand:
  • What types of employee misconduct can be detected on digital devices.
  • Why the "smoking gun" may not always be evidence of an individual's guilt.
  • What to do and not do once you know you need a digital forensics analysis.
  • How electronic information must be preserved to ensure it is defensible in court.
  • How the questioning of witnesses and experts can greatly influence your case.
Do you need to learn about digital forensics analysis?

More than one-fourth of employers have fired workers for misusing email and nearly one-third have fired employees for misusing the Internet.* In cases like these, the definitive proof of misconduct generally lies in the findings of a digital forensics analyst.

Are you at risk? Ask yourself these questions:
    Do your employees have unlimited access to the Internet at work?

    Do your employees use email or instant messaging to communicate with each other?

    Do your employees work with sensitive or confidential electronic files?

    Have you ever suspected an employee of using company equipment for personal use?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact me to arrange a complimentary visit to your offices. I'll go over the basics of digital forensics analysis so you'll know what to do should you ever suspect employees of violating your company's computer policies.

* The 2007 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey from American Management Association (AMA) and The ePolicy Institute.

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