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"Planning to reassign or retire a computer?
Let me eliminate its data, and your risk, before you do."

Terry Lahman
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Secure Data Elimination

It is common practice these days to reassign computers, laptops and other digital devices to other employees, or to sell, recycle or dispose of them when they no longer serve us. Unfortunately, it's also common practice to do so without taking the proper safety precautions.

The problem is this: electronic data remains on a hard drive even when you "delete" its files and empty the recycle bin. Any unscrupulous person, from a disgruntled employee to a shady recycler to a dumpster diver, can use special software or digital forensics methods to recover sensitive or confidential information.

Further, if the device in question was infected by a virus, spyware or malware, any person who legitimately inherits it will likely inherit those problems, too.

If you want to eliminate all risk, call me. Using professional hardware and software, I'll either permanently eliminate all data from all areas of the hard drive; or, if you prefer, I can leave the operating system and select software programs intact and eliminate everything else.

Let's get started.

Call me at (425) 200-4271, or send me an email.

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