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"If the data still exists on the hard drive, I'll get it back. Simple as that."

Terry Lahman
Founder, Chief Digital Forensics Analyst

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Data Recovery

As a digital forensic analyst, I'm trained and experienced in recovering virtually any type of seemingly lost electronic data--text files, databases, emails, photos, movies, artwork, software and more--from virtually any digital device.

This includes not only deleted, hidden and encrypted files, but data from devices that have been attacked by viruses or malware or damaged by accident or natural disaster.

  • You deleted an old bank account from your accounting program and now realize you need it back.
  • Your digital device's hard drive crashed due to an electrical surge, power outage, or lightning strike.
  • Your laptop, smart phone or camera was externally damaged when it was dropped, smashed or submerged in water.
  • You are authorized to access someone else's computer--a deceased family member's or an ex-employee's, for instance--but don't have the ID or password.
  • An employee has attempted to hide evidence of wrongdoing by hiding or deleting porn, illegally downloaded music or software, non-work related chat sessions or Internet search histories, or files that he or she is unauthorized to possess.
  • A spouse or domestic partner has attempted to delete or hide emails, photos, instant messages, call logs or other evidence of pedophilia, an affair, or other illicit activities.
  • An underage child living at home has attempted to remove evidence of unsafe or inappropriate computer activity, such as sexting messages or photos or visits to illicit websites.
Why use eForensicsPro?

I've been examining digital information on hard drives for over 30 years. I finished top of my class in digital forensics analysis at the Edmonds Community College. I'm licensed as a private investigator in Washington State.

I can recover virtually any type of digital information from any digital device. No matter what it is--your wedding pictures, a password-protected will, or evidence of criminal activity--if it still exists, I will get it back for you.

Let's get started:

Call me at (425) 200-4271 and tell me about your problem. I'll advise you on next steps.

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