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"See below for a quick overview of all my digital forensics services."

Terry Lahman
Founder, Chief Digital Forensics Analyst

Forensics Services

   Data Recovery
   Data Preservation
   Preliminary Analysis and Planning
   Password Recovery and Defeats
   Secure Data Elimination
   Digital Forensics for Businesses
   Digital Forensics for Attorneys


   DFA Consulting for Businesses
   DFA Consulting for Attorneys
Forensics Services

Data Recovery: Think you've lost valuable electronic files forever? If they still exist on the hard drive, I'll get them back.

Data Preservation: Don't risk destroying evidence of wrongdoing on a computer or other digital device. I'll forensically preserve it for later investigation and court use.

Preliminary Analysis and Planning: Not sure that digital evidence of wrongdoing exists? My preliminary analysis may help determine whether a complete one is worth doing.

Password Recovery and Defeats: Locked out of a digital device because of physical damage or a lost password? If it's at all possible, I'll get in and recover the data.

Secure Data Elimination: About to sell, give away, recycle or discard a digital device? Let me permanently erase any sensitive data so it never falls into the wrong hands.

Digital Forensics for Businesses: Suspect an employee has violated your computer use policy? I'll help you determine the truth, secure evidence and prepare for next steps.

Digital Forensics for Attorneys: Working on a civil or criminal case involving digital evidence? I'll provide expert forensics services and consulting every step of the way.

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